Integrated Certification Services

Integrated Certification Services

Step 1

Requesting a Quotation

Step 2

Initial Two-Stage Audit.

Step 3

Stage 2 Audit

Step 4

Addressing Issues

Step 5

Certification Recommendation

Step 6

Surveillance Visits

Audit Process Explained

Once you have implemented all your systems and procedures and are ready for an audit, here’s what you can expect during the audit process:

1. Requesting a Quotation:
To begin, you’ll need to request a quotation for your audit. This will provide you with details about the audit process, costs involved, and what’s included.

2. Initial Two-Stage Audit:
The audit typically consists of an initial two-stage process. The first stage aims to assess your understanding of the ISO standard’s requirements and review your implemented systems and procedures. A report and audit schedule for stage 2 will be provided after this stage, highlighting any recommended actions before the next phase.

3. Stage 2 Audit:
During the second stage, objective evidence will be gathered to determine if your organization is complying with the ISO standard. This involves interviewing your staff, examining records, reviewing completed internal audits, and possibly visiting other sites if relevant to your services.

4. Addressing Issues:
If any non-compliances with the standard’s requirements are identified during the audit, we will discuss them with you. Depending on the severity, issues may be addressed on the spot, or you might need to correct them before being recommended for certification.

5. Certification Recommendation:
At the end of stage 2, you will know if you have successfully met the certification requirements. You will be recommended for certification if everything is in order. In case of any outstanding issues, you will be informed of the actions needed before the certificate is issued.

6. Surveillance Visits:
After certification, regular surveillance visits will be conducted, typically once a year, to ensure you are maintaining your compliance with the ISO standard. These visits allow us to check that your management system is still operating effectively. Any non-compliances identified during surveillance visits should be corrected, but they usually do not impact the continuity of your certification.

At Integrated Certification Services (ICS), we believe in providing a transparent and supportive audit process. Our auditors will work closely with you throughout the certification journey, helping you achieve and maintain ISO certification successfully. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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